Distinctive Construction Technology

DC Tech is Proud to Introduce Two New Electronic Construction Tools


BenderPro is the necessary tool for electricians, carpenters, and general contractors. BenderPro saves time and money by increasing your efficiency and reducing your errors. It comprises a digital conduit bending angle indicator – simply hook the conduit, reset the device, and bend to the exact degree. Also included: a bubble level, a 4-way level, and a protractor – all with a 5mw red laser optimized for indoor use. A powerful magnet in the base secures the BenderPro on any ferrous metal. Another magnet in the rear allows attachment to any size conduit. A rear display inverts with the device, always reading rightside up and provides continuous viewing over the course of a bend.

Coming Soon . . . MILIEU METER

MILIEU METER is a psychrometric indicator and calculator. This means it can read and calculate the moisture content and heat energy of the air. You can enter or read the dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure of the air. MILIEU METER will calculate enthalpy, the sensible and latent components, and the Qs/Qt ratio. Also calculated: wet-bulb temperature, dew-point temperature, absolute humidity and humidity ratio, vapor pressure and atmospheric pressure in inches of mercury, cubic feet per lb of dry air, sunny and shady heat index, saturated and actual vapor pressure, vapor deficit, vapor density, partial air density, actual air density, and dry air density. For our friends who live by different metrics, MILIEU METER easily powers up to display either Imperial or Metric units of measurement, as apporpriate.